Novorossiysk, Russia

Business, Project, and Construction Management - Upstream & Midstream

Construction of 6 each 750K BBL tanks ​as part of the 

Caspian Pipeline Expansion Project

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Over 35 years experience in the engineering, design, procurement, construction, start-up and operations of energy projects world-wide, including full midstream services.

International Construction Consulting, LLC

I am currently available for short term consulting assignments, including legal and expert witness work scopes.  I also provide cold-eye reviews of all project phases from conceptual to operations readiness.



My name is Greg Lamberson, I am an independent consultant with experience in all phases of the business, project, engineering / design, and construction management for upstream and midstream oil, gas, products, and energy-related facilities, including pipelines.  I have experience on projects to $20B TIC and pipelines to 4,000 kms in length.  I am accomplished at working within integrated environments with multi-discipline and multi-cultural staffs to ISO, US, and various foreign standards, procedures, and specifications in a variety of geopolitical climates. 

I also specialize in project troubleshooting - if you would like a confidential assessment of your project and comprehensive, professional feedback outlining

a path forward for successful execution - please contact me.

My background includes 35+ years’ experience, with 26 years  internationally, in the management, engineering, design,

planning, and construction of upstream oil, gas, and energy related facilities, pipelines, fuel storage and distribution

systems, including near-shore and offshore marine facilities and structures (jackets & topsides); brownfield work;

and modularization.


I provide cost & financial modeling and evaluations for major capital projects, including cash flow development, ROIC,

multiples of money, cash flow multiples, NPV, IRR, pay-out period for invested capital, depreciation & benefit analysis,

OPEX cost analysis, funding analysis, etc.  I am well versed in economic analysis, strategic planning, and execution of

energy projects in North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Central Asia, China, Russia,

the Far East, and Africa.  As such I can provide corporate net asset value (NAV) studies; economic & financial modeling

and analysis for multi-country, multi-project portfolios, including impact of taxation regimes, forward contracts, hedging

positions, leverage, etc.  Additionally, I provide volume forecast modeling  for field developments of crude, gas, and water; as well as individual well economics and related sensitivities.  See here for an overview of models that have been developed.

I work under a variety of contractual structures, including hourly, day rates, monthly rates, lump sum, not-to-exceed, unit rates, etc; short term or long term.  For my rate sheet - click here.  I have an office in Tulsa, OK which is my base and from where I can do a large portion of work from that location more cost effectively.  Short term, ad hoc assignments are preferable; longer term contracts for defined scopes & deliverables could be discussed.

I can put together Feasibility Studies for small and large projects, including upstream and midstream field developments (both standard and CBM) and can follow through with assembling complete project teams for EPC project execution that can be integrated into the Client organization.  This would include Project and Construction Management, i.e. Safety, Cost & Schedule, Quality, Surveillance (engineering, procurement, and construction) Environmental, Contracts, etc.  Please feel free to contact me for a full rate sheet for various disciplines or a formal proposal to perform your scope of work on a cost reimbursable, time rate, not-to-exceed, or lump sum basis.  My policy is- if you don't like the quality of work I do, you are not obligated to pay for it.

I can assist in developing optimum contracting strategies.  Part of my expertise includes providing overviews and tools to aid in the development of upstream and midstream work breakdown structures for projects worldwide, including detailed ITT packages and Tender Evaluation Plans. 


I have an MBA with a focus on international business and have a tool to assist in

developing contracts and contracting strategies to facilitate companies in building

and implementing winning strategies for upstream energy projects, domestically and

internationally.  I can develop economic analysis models to assist in decision making for

field developments and major capital projects.  The strategies discussed and associated

templates are applicable to small companies and projects as well as large and includes

contract types, work breakdown structures, invitation to tender (ITT) packages, leveraging

tactics, risk assessments, etc.  These documents will adhere to: standard business ethics

in general; to the key US laws (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Anti-boycott, Export 

Controls, and Trade Sanctions); and Host country laws which have extra-territorial effect.

I have a comprehensive, proprietary project management system (International Project Management System or IPMS) that guides the Project Manager through the complete project execution process, including:

  1. Assessment phase i.e. determining project feasibility and alignment with business drivers, to the -
  2. Evaluation phase, including constructability, selecting the concepts and completing preliminary filing requirements; submitting permit application and progressing the project to the level required for the -
  3. Definition phase which includes finalizing project scope and developing costs and schedules to fund the project, all the way through -
  4. Execution (engineer, procure, construct, and commission an asset consistent with project objectives) and -
  5. Operations, i.e. Start-up and evaluation of the asset to ensure specified performance and maximum return to the stakeholders. 

I assisted in the development of the Project Management curriculum for the 
Department of Sciences at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Other areas of expertise include developing:  business strategies; Estimate Confidence Packages; External Affairs Plans; key elements for project commitments and appropriations, including re-appraisals;
project/execution risk management; assessing current strategies, organizational planning, business structures, business development planning, etc.  I can develop a comprehensiveIndependent Project Review (IPR) Plan with a cost estimate for implementation, which would entail performing IPR's at the various critical stages over a typical project life-cycle, which at a minimum should be at: 

  • Pre-Definition (going into FEED)
  • Pre-Detail Design
  • Pre-Start Up

These IPR’s include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Reviews
  • Risk Assessments
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Construction Readiness Assessment / Fabrication Readiness Review / ​Construction Performance Review
  • Operational Readiness Assessment

To complement the IPR's referenced above, I can put together detailed Surveillance Programs for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction  activities, as well as experienced teams to carry them out.